Using the Re-Order Feature in RepairLink Shop

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RepairLink Shop allows you to save repeating orders so you don't have to spend the time re-typing them.

To create a re-order:      

  1. Create your RepairLink Shop order as usual--adding the parts and selecting the dealer (if needed).  
  2. When finished, click the Shopping Cart icon.    
  3. From your shopping cart, type a Cart NameNote: This name is for your reference only. If you don't enter a name, RepairLink Shop will automatically name the cart with the vehicle information.
  4. Click Save Re-Order.
  5. The order has been added to your list of Saved Re-Orders. You can now send this order to your dealership. Note: Re-orders are stored indefinitely--they do not get archived.

To access your re-orders:     

  1. From the Orders/Cart Management window, click Saved Re-Orders.
  2. The Orders/Cart Management window will display your saved orders.
  3. Click the vehicle/cart name to load the order into the cart. Note: You can use your saved Re-Order as often as you need to and it will continue to be available in the Saved Re-Orders list.
  4. Once the order has been loaded into the cart, you may add parts or change the quantity of parts, but you cannot change the assigned dealer.
    1. To permanently change a re-order (add parts, update quantity), click Save Re-Order after making the changes in the cart. 
    2. To permanently change a re-order (remove parts, change dealer), begin a new search with the desired dealer and follow the creation process above. 
  5. Click Order to send to your dealership.

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