Protractor: Ordering Parts Using RepairLink Shop

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Protractor allows you to interface directly with RepairLink Shop to order parts while creating a work order. 

Step One: Create work order and look up parts in RepairLink Shop. 

Step Two: Once work order is authorized, purchase parts from RepairLink Shop. 

Note: This feature is currently available for automotive parts ordering only. International/IC Bus orders must be ordered directly in RepairLink Shop.

To set up RepairLink Shop in Protractor:

Click here to download the RepairLink Shop Setup instructions for Protractor.


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  • For questions on how to set up RepairLink Shop in Protractor, contact Protractor via email at

To create work order in Protractor and look up parts in RepairLink Shop:

  1. Click the Work Orders tab to begin. 
    1. If the tab is not visible, click Work Orders to open the tab. 
  2. Click New Work Order
  3. Fill in the Search field and press ENTER to search for the contact. 
  4. Click the 6368_NewWorkOrder5.jpg arrow to add an associated vehicle.
    1. If you don't choose a vehicle, a warning message will appear.
  5. Click the appropriate vehicle. 
  6. The vehicle's details will appear in the right side panel. Click Next to continue. 
    1. If a pop-up shows there is an existing work order for that vehicle, check the Create a new work order box and click OK
  7. Use the left section navigation to find services to add to the work order. 
    1. In addition, type a keyword in the Title field and click Search to jump to a specific section quicker (e.g. type head to look for services related to headlights or cylinder heads).
  8. To add a service, click to highlight it and review the description in the middle panel. When ready, click Add to add it.
    1. Note: To edit the title or description of the service, check the Override box and make edits as needed. This can also be used to add notes if the customer describes an issue with their vehicle. 
  9. If any related services are recommended, they will appear in a pop-up window. For example, the Battery Charge service recommends including the Diagnose Battery Concern service. To add a related service, check the applicable box(es) and click OK. To exclude any related services, simply click OK
  10. Added services will appear in the right panel. Once all services have been added to the work order, click Next
    1. To delete a service that has been added, highlight it in the right panel and click Delete
  11. If the vehicle has reminder items due, add them to the work order as needed. 
    1. Service reminders can be added to the vehicle at this time as well. 
  12. Review the completed work order. 
    1. Fill in the Current mileage. 
    2. If known, choose the Service Advisor and/or Technician from the drop-down menus.
  13. When ready, click Finish
  14. The work order itself is now complete. Click Save to save the work order. 
  15. From here, you can click on any parts of the work order. For example, click Headlight and click Catalog Lookup to find the needed headlight in RepairLink Shop. 
    1. You will be prompted to log into RepairLink Shop at this time.
  16. RepairLink Shop will open within a frame in Protractor. The VIN and vehicle's year, make, and model will be transferred from Protractor to RepairLink Shop. 
  17. Search for the parts you need. 
  18. Type the quantity you want in the Qty Req field. 
  19. Click Add to Cart. A success message will temporarily display to confirm each part has been added. 
  20. Click the Shopping Cart button at the top of the page to open your cart. 
  21. When finished adding parts, click the blue arrow to continue. 
  22. The system then checks for part availability. If available, a green flag appears, along with the store and availability information. 
  23. Click Apply. The Catalog Lookup window will close. 
  24. A Material Line pop-up will appear, filled with details about the part. Adjust any fields as needed and click OK
  25. The Material Line window will close. The part(s) will be updated in the work order. 
  26. The estimate is now complete. Click the Save & Close icon. 

To purchase the parts in RepairLink Shop within Protractor: 

  1. From the Work Orders tab, double click the desired work order to open it. 
  2. Click the Purchases tab across the bottom. 
  3. Click to highlight RepairLink (or the supplier's name). 
  4. A Tasks section will appear on the right. Click Place Order
  5. A confirmation pop-up window will appear. If everything looks good, click Place Order
  6. A success message will appear with the order number. 
  7. The parts will appear in the Order Confirmed section, along with a confirmation number and the date and time the order was placed. 

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