Setting Up RepairLink Shop in R.O. Writer

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R.O. Writer can be set up to directly interface with RepairLink Shop--giving you the ability to retrieve pricing information and submit orders to dealers in the RepairLink network without leaving the application. This integration is only supported in R.O. Writer version 2.3 or higher.  

Note: This feature is currently available for automotive parts ordering only. International/IC Bus orders must be ordered directly in RepairLink Shop.

Before you can begin using RepairLink Shop the following configuration steps, supported by R.O. Writer, must be completed. (Click here for complete configuration instructions provided by R.O. Writer.)

  1. Check and update your license.
  2. Configure the OEC RepairLink Supplier.
    • Create the OEC RepairLink Supplier.
    • Add an electronic ordering interface to the OEC RepairLink Supplier.
  3. Add OEC to the Quick Launch.
  4. Log Into OEC RepairLink for the first time.


  • If you have any issues or need assistance with this setup process, please contact R.O. Writer Technical Support at 800-881-5859.
  • Your Vendor ID is the same as your OEC ID.

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