NAPA TRACS: Ordering Parts Using RepairLink Shop

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NAPA TRACS allows you to interface directly with RepairLink Shop to order parts while creating a work estimate.

Set up RepairLink Shop in NAPA TRACS
Create an estimate in NAPA TRACS and look up parts in RepairLink Shop

Note: This feature is currently available for automotive parts ordering only. International/IC Bus orders must be ordered directly in RepairLink Shop.

To set up RepairLink Shop in NAPA TRACS:

  1. Verify Enterprise v2.10 or above is installed on your system. If not, contact NAPA TRACS for upgrade assistance (1-800-742-3578 or
  2. The set up can be completed when creating an estimate in NAPA TRACS and using RepairLink Shop integration for the first time to look up OE parts.
    1. Click OE on the WorkOrder toolbar.
    2. Sign in using your RepairLink Shop credentials.
      Note: You may receive an error message the first time you log in. To correct this error, close your session and log in again. If this error occurs, it will only happen once. NAPA TRACS is currently developing a fix to prevent this from happening in the future.

Refer to the section below for complete instructions on creating an estimate and looking up parts using RepairLink Shop in NAPA TRACS. If you have any issues or need assistance, please contact NAPA TRACS Support (1-800-742-3578 or

To create an estimate in NAPA TRACS and look up parts in RepairLink Shop: 

  1. Click the new estimate icon to begin. 
  2. Choose the desired customer from the Name drop-down menu. 
    1. The PhoneVehicle, and VIN information will automatically fill for the customer. 
    2. If the vehicle has recommended service, a pop-up message will appear. Click Yes or No as desired. 
    3. If the customer has multiple open work orders, they will appear in a pop-up window. To open an existing work order, click Open WorkOrder for the appropriate work order. To start a new work order, click Close
  3. Click OE to launch RepairLink Shop. 
    1. You will be prompted to log into RepairLink Shop at this time.
  4. RepairLink Shop will open within a frame in NAPA TRACS. Enter the VIN and/or vehicle's year, make, and model at the top and click Search
  5. Search for the parts you need. 
  6. Type the quantity you want in the Qty Req field. 
  7. Click Add to Cart. A success message will temporarily display to confirm each part has been added. 
  8. Click the Shopping Cart button at the top of the page to open your cart. 
  9. When finished adding parts, click Transfer Cart in the upper right. 
  10. A pop-up message confirms the RepairLink Shop vendor. Click OK to continue. 
  11. The estimate screen will appear. 
    1. The Status will automatically update from New to Estimate
  12. Click Purchase
  13. The Work Order will be given a number. Review the work order and click Order and Xmit to submit it. 
  14. Once the Order and Xmit button is greyed out, click Done to close the window and return to the Estimate view. 

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