Submitting an Automotive Order in RepairLink Shop

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RepairLink Shop is an Original Equipment (OE), online parts ordering solution designed for the independent repair shop. RepairLink Shop gives independent shops convenient access to OEM parts data and illustrations for the vehicles they service most.

  • Full VIN filtering capabilities make it easier and faster for your shop to locate the correct parts for your repair jobs.
  • Dealers you prefer to do business with can be added so you can see their pricing and inventory availability.
  • Easily submit orders directly through RepairLink Shop without picking up the phone or sending a fax.
  • Upload a list of up to 25 parts to send directly to a dealer. (Click here for more information.)


  • Canada-only models are not available in RepairLink Shop at this time.
  • RepairLink Shop does not allow users to process returns.  
  • The maximum number of a single SKU is 999. Invalid Quantity will display for requests over 999.
  • Carts can have a maximum number of 100 unique part lines.

The process to submit an International/IC bus order is different. Click here for instructions. 

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Submitting a RepairLink Shop order can be accomplished in five easy steps. Select a topic below or scroll down for complete information.

Note: If you already know the part number, you have the option to quickly add the part to your shopping cart without searching for it. (Click here for more information.)

Step 1: Select a Vehicle

Before a parts search can be performed, you must select a vehicle. RepairLink Shop offers the following two options at the top of any page to select a vehicle. Note: Although a vehicle can be easily found by Make/Year/Model, selecting a vehicle by VIN assures optimal parts search results.

To select a Vehicle by VIN:

  1. From the Automotive tab, click in the VIN/Select Recent field and type in your VIN. Note: RepairLink Shop will display the last 10 VINs you typed in for convenient selection.
  2. Click Search.
  3. If the VIN is valid for multiple vehicles, the Select Vehicle window will display. Click a button to choose the model that applies to you.

To select a vehicle by Make/Year/Model:

  1. Click the Make/Year/Model drop-down and select the desired make, year, and model of the vehicle.
    1. Note: Make sure to use the Automotive tab, not the International/IC Bus tab. 
  2. Depending on the manufacturer, a fourth option may display. Select the appropriate catalog option for the vehicle under repair.
  3. Click Search.

Step 2: Verify or Change the Selected Dealer for the Parts Search

After selecting your vehicle, the preferred dealer for that make will display if one was configured by your shop administrator.  Otherwise, the closest dealer to your location will display. If desired, click the Select Dealer drop-down to choose another dealer for the parts search.

Step 3: Search/Browse for OEM Parts for the Selected Vehicle

After selecting your vehicle and dealer, RepairLink Shop gives you the option to search for your part by:

  • Entering a keyword or part number to locate the part in the dealer's inventory; or
  • Browsing the dealer's inventory by category/sub-category to locate parts and illustrations.

Note: Illustrations do not return when performing a keyword search. If you prefer to locate parts from an illustration, use the Part Categories feature to browse.

To search for parts by keyword or part number:

  1. Type in your desired part terms or part number in the Keyword or Part Number  field. For best results use a minimal number of search terms if searching by keyword. If desired, select a category under the Parts categories section to filter your search down to the selected category.
    1. Note for Mercedes-Benz: Be sure to only enter the core part number, removing any prefixes. (For example, to add part number A0004230184, exclude the A in the beginning.)
  2. Click Search to display results.

To browse for parts and illustrations by parts categories:

  1. Select a category under Parts Categories section. Continue to select sub-categories if the list expands.
  2. A Vehicle Attributes window may display during category selection. If so, click the drop-down and select an appropriate attribute for the vehicle.
  3. Results matching the selected category/sub-category will display. Depending on the manufacturer, the results may display illustrations only (Illustration View) or parts and illustrations (Split View).

Step 4: Add Parts to Cart

Viewing results:

  1. After performing a keyword search, search results will display a list of parts (List view). If browsing  by category, search results will display a list of parts and a grid of illustrations that match your search (Split view).
    • If you prefer to view the parts list only, click the List View link located at the upper right-hand corner of the results section. 
    • To view only illustrations in your search results, click Illustration View.
    • To view both parts list and illustrations, click Split View.
  2. Parts can be reviewed and added to the cart any of the following:

To review and add parts from the list of parts in the search results:

  1. Locate the part you desire on the parts list and review the pricing and availability information from the selected dealer. 
    • A program icon and description indicate the part qualifies for a discount under an automaker-specific program. 
    • A dealer icon and description indicate the part qualifies for a discount set by the dealer. 
    • For select OEMs, RepairLink will automatically identify manufacturer's (OE) parts and other value line parts.
  2. Type quantity you want in the Qty Req field.
  3. To add the parts to your order, click Add To Cart. The following message will temporarily display to confirm each part has been successfully added.

To review and add parts from an illustration in the search results:

  1. Locate the illustration search results that you desire to view in detail and click on it.
  2. Review the illustration that displays on the left for desired parts. Click on any part number callout in the illustration to add it to the Selected parts list on the right. Note: Click Attach Illustration if you want to share the illustration with your selected dealer when you place your order.
  3. Review the pricing and availability information from the selected dealer.
    • A Program icon and description indicate the part qualifies for a discount under an automaker-specific program. 
    • A dealer icon and description indicate the part qualifies for a discount set by the dealer. 
  4. Type quantity you want in the Qty Req field.
  5. To add desired parts to your order, click Add To Cart. The following message will temporarily display to confirm each part has been successfully added.

Step 5: Placing Your Order

  1. When you are done adding parts to your cart, click the shopping cart icon to access your shopping cart details.
  2. If you want to add additional parts to the cart, you have two options:
    • Add parts one at a time: Type a valid part number in the Add Parts to List field and click Add Part.
    • Upload a parts list: Click Choose File to locate and import a list of parts stored in a .CSV or TXT file. (Click here for more information.)
  3. Review the pricing and availability information for each part displayed in the Parts List section.
  4. When you are ready to complete your order:
    • If blank, provide a name for the order in the Cart Name field. (Consider using the Make/Year/Model or VIN so you can identify the order.)
    • Type your reference number in the PO# field.
    • If needed, type additional instructions or comments for the dealer in the Note text box.
  5. To complete the order:
    If the parts list is a common order that you want to repeat in the future, click Save Re-Order so you don't have to spend the time re-typing it. (Click here for more information.)
    • If you want to close the cart for now, click Save Cart to complete and submit it at a later time. (Click here for more information.)
    • If you are ready to submit the parts list to your dealer now, click Order.
  6. A record of your order will display on the Order/carts management window with a Status of New.
  7. You can return to your sent orders at any time to track status updates, view estimated delivery times, and check for notes/responses from your dealer by clicking Orders/Carts and then Sent Orders from the main menu.

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