Mitchell 1: Ordering Parts Using RepairLink Shop

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Mitchell 1 allows you to interface directly with RepairLink Shop to obtain part information for ordering.

Note: Dealer responses and order status are only available in RepairLink Shop.

To order parts using Mitchell 1 with RepairLink Shop:   

  1. From Mitchell 1, click W.I.P.
  2. Double click to open an existing repair order (RO).
    Click New to create a new repair order.
  3. The order will open. Click the Order tab (if it does not display by default).
  4. Click the mitchell1_9.jpg icon.  
  5. The Select Vendor window may display. If so, verify that RepairLink Shop displays in the Available Vendors drop-down and click OK.
  6. A RepairLink Shop will open within a frame in Mitchell 1. The VIN and the vehicle's year, make, and model will be transferred from Mitchell 1 to RepairLink Shop.   
  7. Search for the parts you need.  
  8. Type quantity you want in the Qty Req field.  
  9. Click Add to Cart. The following message will temporarily display to confirm each part has been successfully added. 
  10. Click the Shopping Cart button at the top of the page to open your cart.
  11. The Transfer button in Mitchell 1 (located in the bottom right of the RepairLink Shop page) will now be active. Click it to transfer the cart information.
  12. The pricing and part information will now display in Mitchell 1.
  13. Click Parts Ordering.
  14. The Parts Ordering Estimate window will display. Click Price Check to perform a cost check of all parts on the order.
  15. If your preferred dealership does not have the part in stock, click the Select Alternate Locations button and then select a new location to order the parts from. 
  16. Order information will refresh and the Order Parts button will now be active. Click the button to complete the order.

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