Viewing and Managing Saved Carts in RepairLink Shop

KB Article #2603

When you add parts to a shopping cart to create an order for a vehicle, you have the option to save the cart so that you add more parts to it or submit the order at a later time. (Click here to learn how to process an order. Users can quickly access their entire list of saved carts to see all their unsubmitted orders.

Note: Administrators will be able to view all saved carts, but users will only be able to view carts they create.

To view and manage your saved carts:

  1. Click Orders/carts on the menu and select Saved carts.
  2. The Saved Carts tab will display a list of all saved carts. Click on the cart to open it. Note: Saved carts older than 60 days are automatically removed from the system. (Click here if you cannot find your saved cart.)
  3. When the cart is open, you can review the parts listed, change quantity requested, add/remove specific parts, or add notes for the dealer before placing your order. (Click here for more information on shopping cart details.)

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