Best Practices for Locating Automotive Parts in RepairLink Shop (Searching by Keyword or Browsing by Category)

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While the quickest way to find a part is typically using the part number, RepairLink Shop gives you the ability to find and add parts to your cart in several ways. Use the links below to learn more:  

Note: If you have trouble locating information about electrical systems and related components, you may find it helpful to refer to Mopar Connection Repair Kit. This will display and describe in detail the true size and shape of electrical connectors and wire locations within the connector itself.

Tip for Ford Vehicle Searches: Ford's catalog data displays a vehicle's engine and transmission options as Part Categories when a vehicle is selected by Make, Year, and Model. If a related sub-category is selected, the Vehicle Attribute window will display prompting you to select the attribute again. If prompted, do not select an option--simply close the Vehicle Attributes window by clicking the X in the upper right-hand corner to display the related illustrations.

Searching for Parts by Keyword or Part Number

Use the Keyword or Part Number search feature to quickly locate the part you need using descriptive terms (keywords) or the OE part number. The following best practices should be kept in mind:

  • The quickest way to locate a part is to search by part number.
  • If searching by keyword, use as few words as possible. To reduce the number of results, select a part category from the list and then click the Current Part Category option. 
  • When applicable, the automaker's OE parts and authorized value line parts (such as ACDelco or Motorcraft) will return in search results. (Click here to learn how to filter by brand.)
  • Click the Search For Illustrations link to verify the part is correct and identify additional parts needed to complete the repair.

Locating Illustrations to Select Parts

If you want to locate a part using the illustration, it's important to remember the Keyword Search feature only returns parts in your results--illustrations will not return in keyword search results. To locate an illustration use the Part Categories feature.

The following best practices should be kept in mind:

  • With the exception of Honda and Acura (U.S. Only) vehicles, RepairLink Shop will display the parts and illustrations related to the category (Split View).
  • Selecting a category for Honda or Acura (U.S. Only) vehicles will only display illustrations (Illustration View)--Honda/Acura (U.S. Only) parts are not available if you browse by category.
  • If you are looking for a specific part, use the Keyword or Part Number search feature. From here, use the Search For Illustrations link to verify the part is correct and identify additional parts that may needed to complete the repair.
  • When viewing an illustration, click the callout(s) referencing the part(s) you need to view pricing and availability information. Parts you choose will display in the Selected Parts section.
  • To view information for all the parts in an illustration, click Show Other Parts in Illustration to expand this section.
  • Parts information available via Illustrations does not include authorized value line parts (such as ACDelco and Motorcraft) that your selected dealer has in their inventory. To include value line part brands in your results, use the Keyword or Part Number search feature.

Locating Paint Codes for GM or Ford Vehicles

Use the Keyword search to quickly locate the specific paint code for the GM or Ford vehicle you are repairing.

  1. Type paint in the Keyword or Part Number box and click Search.
  2. All paint codes for the vehicle will display in the results.

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