Setting Up RepairLink Shop in Mitchell 1

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Mitchell 1 can be set up to directly interface with RepairLink Shop--giving you the ability to retrieve pricing information and submit orders without leaving the application. This integration is only supported in Mitchell 1 version 7.5.0 or higher.


  • This feature is only available to RepairLink Shop U.S. customers.
  • Mitchell 1 version 7.5.0 or higher is required.
  • This feature is currently available for automotive parts ordering only. International/IC Bus orders must be ordered directly in RepairLink Shop.

Step 1: Verify Your Version of Mitchell 1 is Greater Than v7.5.0

  1. On the Mitchell 1 menu, click Help and then click About Mitchell 1 TeamWorks SE.
  2. Verify the Shop Management version number displayed is greater than v7.5.0.0.
    • If the number is less than v7.5.0.0, contact Mitchell’s technical support at 888-724-6742 for a free upgrade to the latest version of Mitchell 1. Once you have been upgraded, proceed with the steps below to integrate RepairLink Shop with Mitchell 1.
    • If the number is greater than v7.5.0.0, proceed with the steps below to integrate RepairLink Shop with Mitchell 1.

Step 2: Enable RepairLink Shop in Mitchell 1

Next, you will need to enable the RepairLink Shop option so that the button becomes visible on the Order/Revision windows and the Setup Link parameter is available. (You will need your RepairLink Shop Username and Password to complete the activation process.)

RepairLink Shop must be enabled on each computer that uses Mitchell 1.

  1. The Manager SE program will display the home “splash” window upon relaunch where you need to access the Special Maintenance functions. If the Work-In-Progress (WIP) page displays instead, click the WIP button to toggle the view back to the home window.
  2. Click the Configurations menu.
  3. From the Special Maintenance option, select Toggle Catalog Availability.
  4. The Catalog Selector window will display. Click the gray block next to the RepairLink Shop list option.
  5. This will change to On.
  6. If the MORE option is set to On, click the gray block to turn this option off.
  7. Click Save to record the selection and close the window. You will now need to create a vendor record for RepairLink Shop and configure the setup link to associate the RepairLink Shop and your respective login credentials to the RepairLink Shop button.

Step 3: Setting up a Linked Vendor Record

The steps below can be performed on one computer that uses Mitchell 1. Once completed, all computers will have the vendor set up.

  1. Click the Configurations menu and select Vendor Setup.
  2. The Vendor Setup window will display. Click Add to create a new Vendor record. (If you need to verify an existing vendor set up, click Edit.)
  3. The Add Vendor window opens. Enter the dealer information:
    1. Name
    2. Phone Number
  4. Click Setup Link to open the Link Type Selection window.
  5. Click the Setup RepairLink Shop Catalog Link entry to highlight. Note: This option will only be visible if turned on in Special Maintenance – Toggle Catalog Availability as described in step 1.
  6. Click OK.
  7. The Setup RepairLink Shop Catalog Link window will display. Type your RepairLink Shop Username and Password in the provided boxes. Do not change the URL unless directed by Mitchell 1 support to do so.
  8. Click Ok.
  9. Click Ok to close the Add Vendor window.
  10. Click Ok to close Vendor Setup window.
  11. The 2746_mitchell1_9_1575.jpg button will now be active and available to use on the Order and Revision windows.

Step 4: Verify Your Windows Screen Resolution Text Size is Set to Smaller

Users who have changed the default text size setting (Smaller) in Windows may experience issues with the display layout of RepairLink Shop. Before you begin order parts through RepairLink Shop, verify the text size is set correctly.

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