Adding Dealers in RepairLink Shop

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Your RepairLink Shop Administrator account allows you to manage a list of dealers you want to do business with. You can locate dealers by distance (radius) from your location and/or OEM.


  • If you need a parts supplier for Smart vehicles, add a Mercedes-Benz dealer.
  • If you need a parts supplier for Mini vehicles, add a BMW dealer.
  • If you need a supplier for International/IC Bus heavy duty parts, add an International/IC Bus dealer.

Follow the steps below to search for and add dealers in RepairLink Shop. 

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To add a dealer:

  1. From the RepairLink Shop menu, click My Dealers and then Add Dealers.
  2. Use the Dealer Search feature to define your search criteria:
    1. Click the Search for Dealers Within drop-down and select the distance from your location to search.
      1. If you do not select a radius, the following are required:
        1. A manufacturer must be selected in the Select OEM field.
        2. The name of the dealership must be included in Dealer text box.
        3. The State the dealership is located in must be selected.
      2. If you select a radius of 250, a manufacturer must be selected in the Select OEM field.
    2. If you want to limit the dealer search by manufacturer, click the Select OEM drop-down to choose the desired manufacturer.
    3. If you know the name of the dealership, type it in the Dealer text box.
    4. If desired, add the remaining details (City and State) to further narrow your search.
    5. The OEC dealer database includes some Inactive dealers who are not subscribed to RepairLink. To include these inactive dealers in your search, click the Active drop-down and select Show All DealersNote: Please be aware that although a dealer may be active for a specific OEM, they may not be active for all the manufacturers.
  3. Click Start Search. If matches are found, a list of dealers will display in the Dealer Search Results section. 
    1. International/IC Bus shops: The dealer in bold is the preferred dealer for your area. It is highly recommended that you choose this preferred dealer.
    2. If you can't find the dealer you are looking for, click the Enter Dealers link to send that dealer's information directly to OEC. (Click here for information on adding dealers that you cannot find to the RepairLink network.)
  4. Review the Supported OEMs column to determine the manufacturer(s) that dealers are franchised with. Additionally, check the Active column to determine a dealer's current status for each OEM they support.
    1. Dealers who participate in on-demand ASAP delivery will display the DeliverNow icon (DeliverNowIcon.jpg).
    2. Check the boxes under the Add column to select the active dealers you want to do business with for the specified OEM.
    3. If inactive dealers were included in your search, check the boxes under the Notify Me When Active to select dealers you want to do business with in the event they subscribe to RepairLink for the specified OEM. Note: OEC will contact inactive dealers you add to communicate the value of RepairLink. (Click here for information on determining your dealer's status.)
  5. Click Add Selected Dealers when you have completed your selections.
  6. A confirmation notification will display at the top of the page to let you know the dealers have been successfully added.

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